Tag: Land Use

Action 13

Identify and implement best practices to preserve and increase the amount of affordable housing proximate to job centers, transit, and open space amenities.

Action 14

Enact a permanent rent stabilization ordinance for eligible rental units in unincorporated areas.

Action 15

Adopt an inclusionary housing ordinance that requires affordable housing as part of all new multifamily projects.

Action 27

Develop a comprehensive urban heat island mitigation strategy and implementation plan that addresses cool pavements and roofs, pavement reduction, and urban greening.

Action 29

Adopt CALGreen Tier 1 green building standards and identify which Tier 2 standards could be adopted as code amendments.

Action 43

Pilot a land use tool that allows for duplex, triplex, and secondary units in areas of low housing density.

Action 44

Prohibit the conversion of working lands to residential uses, including farms and rangelands.

Action 45

Evaluate the County's General Plan growth strategies and report on additional measures needed to increase effectiveness in meeting OurCounty goals.


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