Goal 7

A fossil fuel-free LA County

To meet the County’s commitment to the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, we will move toward a zero-carbon energy system that quickly and drastically reduces our greenhouse gas emissions. We are working alongside many cities, counties, states, and nations around the world that aim to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. In doing so, we aim to protect our environments, vulnerable populations, ecosystems, and future generations.

By eliminating fossil fuel production in the County, including drilling, extraction, and refining, the County will protect its residents from harmful local pollution that inequitably burdens workers, low-income communities, and communities of color.

By significantly addressing the sources of pollution, we will bring cleaner air to our communities while also limiting the magnitude of imminent dangers that climate change will bring.

These dangers include more frequent and larger wildfires, extreme heat, more frequent and prolonged periods of drought punctuated by more severe storms that cause local flooding, greater risk of the spread of disease, and rising seas that threaten our coastal communities. By eliminating fossil fuels, we are seeking to mitigate global climate change and its impacts throughout the region.



How will we work towards achieving this goal?

Strategy 7A

Transition to a zero-carbon energy system that reduces air and climate pollution and that minimizes the dangers of a changing climate to our communities and economy

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Strategy 7B

Create a zero-emission transportation system

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