Goal 3

Equitable and sustainable land use and development without displacement

LA county is growing, with increasing demand for homes, buildings and the infrastructure that is needed to support them. The way we choose to direct that growth has huge implications for the environment, the economy and social equity. Patterns of exurban sprawl and development in high-hazard areas can place major burdens on our infrastructure and public budgets, especially for unincorporated communities where the County of Los Angeles acts as the municipal service provider. Outward growth limits the resources we could otherwise be investing in our existing communities, where we can promote sustainability, health and well-being by improving walkability and promoting a mixture of uses.

By rethinking our growth pattern, we can more effectively protect our low-income residents and small businesses from displacement. With policy tools such as anti-displacement measures, existing community members can remain in and strengthen their neighborhoods and networks while accepting new residents through more compact, mixed-use development. To accomplish this, future land use and development decisions in LA county should be inclusive, safe, healthy, accessible and transit-oriented.

How will we work towards achieving this goal?

Strategy 3A

Increase housing density and limit urban sprawl

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Strategy 3B

Implement transit-oriented development

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Strategy 3C

Promote walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods

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Strategy 3D

Ensure that housing and infrastructure development and improvement do not lead to displacement, particularly of disadvantaged communities

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Strategy 3E

Limit development in high-hazard areas

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