Discussion Draft

Outlining a bold, inclusive, and truly regional vision for the present and future generations of Los Angeles

About the Discussion Draft

This Discussion Draft presents the goals, strategies, actions and targets that the County of Los Angeles is considering for inclusion in the regional sustainability plan known as OurCounty. The purpose of this document is to solicit public feedback, which will be gathered through May 24, 2019 and incorporated into a finalized document that will be presented to the Board of Supervisors for approval over the summer. Click here to download the print version or keep scrolling down to explore the interactive version.

How to read this plan

What we heard through stakeholder engagement activities was that OurCounty must go beyond traditional boundaries to achieve sustainable outcomes and reach across the usual topic areas to consider the interrelated connections between all of them. So, you will notice that this plan is not organized around specific topic areas. There is no climate change chapter nor is there a water chapter. Instead, OurCounty is organized around twelve cross-cutting goals that describe our shared vision for a sustainable Los Angeles county.

This approach embraces the notion that sustainability is inherently intersectional; in other words, there is very little in this world that does not affect something else. For example, an action to support local water supplies can provide new or improved parks and open space, while also reducing energy from pumping water into Los Angeles from hundreds of miles away. Reducing energy use also reduces air and climate pollution as power plants are used less, which also contributes to improved public health. By focusing on broad, aspirational and cross-cutting goals, we are challenging ourselves to think beyond our current barriers to action – whether they be technological, political, or bureaucratic – and embrace positive change.

OurCounty’s Organizing Elements

When OurCounty is approved and adopted, the lead County entities and partners identified will work expeditiously to bring these 12 goals, 37 strategies and 148 actions within this document to fruition. Targets will guide the scope and scale of our actions to make demonstrable progress towards achieving sustainable outcomes and the County will publish an interactive online dashboard with selected key performance indicators to track progress (the selection of indicators is still in progress as of April 2019).

The actions are not the only tools, programs and policies that can be taken to accomplish the goals. But the actions chosen for this Plan are rooted in data, supported by stakeholders and representative of the County government’s areas of control and/or influence.

How to Read an Action

Each action describes the policy, program, or tool that the County will deploy to support the goals and strategies. The number does not imply order of priority.

Actions are also accompanied by the following descriptive details:

  1. Horizon
    Actions are characterized as having short-term (by year 2025), medium-term (by year 2035), or long-term (by year 2045) implementation horizons. In some cases they may span multiple time periods.

  2. Sphere of Influence:
    The County can directly influence actions relating to County operations and unincorporated areas It can also indirectly influence other municipal, regional, and State policy and programs. Some actions touch upon both Direct Control and Indirect Control.

  3. Lead County entity:
    Agencies or other County entities overseeing implementation of the action.

  4. Partners:
    Implementation partner or partners who will be working with Lead County entities. Acronyms have been used to save space and are listed in the Appendix of the print report.

  5. Topic Tags:
    Given the innovative nature of our plan organization, we are reflecting connections to topic areas as “tags” on each action.

Each of these descriptive details is clickable, allowing you to view the actions led by a particular County department or to see what actions are related to a specific topic area.

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